Rhode Island Set To See First Snow Of The Season

Dec 8, 2017

Snow is on the way! After a days-long warm spell, with temperatures in the mid-50s, the weather is set to dip below freezing this weekend. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory with about three to six inches of snow expected to accumulate. Some areas of Rhode Island and Massachusetts could see as much as seven to eight inches.

Forecasters predict snowfall will likely begin early Saturday morning and last into Sunday across almost all of Southern New England, excluding Cape Cod.

Temperatures are expected to hover in the twenties and thirties through the end of the weekend.

Despite a relatively low amount of expected precipitation, Rhode Island has already kicked into high gear. The Department of Transportation issued communication reminding residents the agency has up to 450 snow plows and sanders at the ready. The State Police are offering tips for driving safe, as road and visibility conditions could make for difficult travel.

Providence has already issued a street parking ban, in anticipation of street plowing. City roadways will be pre-treated ahead of any snows. Cranston will also pretreat roads, and the city’s stockpile of sand and salt is 7,000 tons, according to press release issued Friday.

“Cranston is ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature brings us this weekend,” Cranston Mayor Allan Fung said.