Rhode Island in State of Heightened Security

Following the attacks on terrorist camps in Afghanistan, Rhode Island is in a state of "heightened alert."

Governor Almond has ordered an increased law-enforcement and National Guard presence at high-risk locations -- but Green State Airport was the only one he would name.

Rhode island National Guard Major Michael McNamara says all guard facilities have been warned to increase their vigilance with security measures but there have been no reports of anything out of the ordinary.

?We continue to believe that while retaliatory strikes are possible within the state of Rhode Island the probability is still low that we?ll see anything within the state,? he said.

Sixty Guard troops have been called up for in-state and out-of state security since September 11th and McNamara expects more mobilizations soon.

?We fully anticipate that at any time, we?re going to get the word to mobilize and probably deploy more Guard troops both within the United States and possibly outside also and things pick up over in Afghanistan,? he said.