Rhode Island Tourism Industry Expecting Boost from Same-Sex Marriage

Aug 1, 2013

The Providence Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau said it expects tourism and the wedding industry will get a boost from Rhode Island’s new same-sex marriage law.

The Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau said it has been marketing to the LGBT community for nearly a decade.
Credit file / RIPR

The Convention and Visitors Bureau has been marketing to the LGBT community for the last nine years. Kristen Adamo is the vice president for marketing, and she expects same-sex weddings will grow over time.

“We’ve been talking with our hoteliers and they’re starting to see some new inquiries,” said Adamo. “So I think like anything else it will build on those initial inquires and we’re really looking forward to having that new market open to us.”

Adamo said some hoteliers in Rhode Island have gone through training to make sure they’re properly addressing gay couples. “And it’s almost like a sensitivity training for people working with the gay and lesbian audience, and we’ve had local hotels that have gone through that,” she said. “So it’s simple things like if two men are traveling together not immediately saying ‘do you want separate rooms.’”

The Cheapflights travel blog has named Newport one of its top ten wedding destinations.

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