Rhode Island Workers More Likely to Commute Out of State

Mar 12, 2013

Downtown Providence
Credit RIPR file

The US Census Bureau has released information about the commuting habits of Americans.  It finds that Rhode Island residents are among those most likely to work in another state.  Close to 13 percent of those living in the Ocean State work out-of-state.

The Census Bureau figures also show that the average commute in America is 25 minutes each way.

Among other information available in the report, about eight percent of Americans have commutes of an hour or longer.  Nearly 600,000 workers in the US have so-called mega-commutes of at least 90 minutes and 50 miles each way.  That’s a little less than one percent of those with fulltime jobs.  Those with long commutes are more likely to use public transportation and generally leave the house before 6 a.m.  23 percent of those with long commutes are likely to use public transit compared to five percent of all workers.    

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