Rhode Islanders Get Ready To Ring In The New Year

Dec 31, 2013

This New Year’s Eve, Rhode Islanders will celebrate in high style and low key. 

For the theatrically minded, there’s a masquerade ball at the Rhode Island Convention Center, and a Wizard of Oz-themed bash at The Dorrance in Providence.

There’s a band at Chan’s in Woonsocket, and Improv Comedy at the Firehouse Theater in Newport.

And even a New Year’s Eve group meditation session at the Zettmar Studio in Providence.

Providence Skyline
Credit Aaron Read / RIPR

But some, like North Providence resident Nathan Hatch, will be staying home.

“We’re going to spend it with family. We’re doing our traditional Yankee Swap with my mother’s side on New Year’s Eve this year. We luckily like our family so we don’t mind spending time with them,” said Hatch.

The father of young children, Hatch says he hasn’t made any New Year’s resolutions yet, but he might change his mind the morning after.

For some Rhode Islanders, the night is about dressing up and hitting the town, and being able to pay for it.

But for others, like Molly Miller of West Providence, staying in is the only affordable option.

“It’s expensive to go out and we just had Christmas, so…I’m probably going to stay home and hang out with the dog, drink some tea, because the last couple of years I overindulged a little bit. It wasn’t so fun,” said Miller.

Miller said her husband has to work and that she’s out of work for the season, and drawing unemployment. She says she’s made one New Year’s resolution: to stay more organized.

For many Haitian immigrants who live in New England, they’ll attend church on New Year’s Eve and then celebrate Haitian Independence Day; like Jude Raymond of Andover, Massachusetts.

“I’m from Haiti. You know, January 1st is Independence Day for Haiti. We’ve been independent since January 1st, 1804. Therefore, we have a special soup we drink on that day, called ‘yellow soup,’ you know?” said Raymond.

The soup is called “joumou” and it’s a savory pumpkin.

For Attleboro’s Lynn Haggerty, New Year’s means only one thing.

“I always get Chinese. That’s the big thing. Chinese. Every year,” said Haggerty.

Haggerty says she’s also made a New Year’s resolution which many of us can probably relate to: to lose weight.