Rhode Islanders go to the polls

PROVIDENCE, RI – Several Rhode Island communities held elections Tuesday. In preliminary counts all but one of the incumbents for Woonsocket's City Council and School Committee were re-elected. Meanwhile voters in Tiverton approved $7 million to build a new library, and Jamestown voted to spend up to $1 million to close its landfill.

Here are the detailed results, as reported by the Providence Journal.


-Mayor Leo Fontaine won a second term, unopposed.

-City Council incumbents John Ward, Daniel Gendron, Christopher Beauchamp, Roger Jalette Sr. were reelected, along with new members Albert Brien and Robert Moreau.

-School Committee incumbents Eleanor Nadeau, Vimala Phongsavanh, Anita Ann McGuire-Forcier were reelected, along with new members John Donlon Jr. and Christopher Roberts.

-A measure was approved to move mayor, City Council and School Committee elections to even-years, beginning in 2016.

-Woonsocket's longterm bonds have been increased to 30 years.

-A proposal was rejected to amend the City Charter so that the limit of items that can be purchased without seeking bids would be $5000 instead of $2000.

-The City Charter will be amended to require that people appointed to boards be city residents, with exceptions for specialized educational, professional or technical skills.


- Voters approved $7 million to build a new library.

-The Town Charter will be changed to allow a town referendum to replace the financial town meeting.


-Voters approved a referendum to spend $700,000 to improve the sewer line at Warren Town Beach.


-Voters approved up to $1 million to close the town's landfill.

-Sarah Robina Baines and Bruce Whitehous were elected to the School Committee.

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