Rhode Islanders Hunker Down During Storm

Feb 9, 2017

Few Rhode Islanders are venturing out today, finds Rhode Island Public Radio's John Bender.
Credit Elisabeth Harrison / RIPR

Rhode Islanders across the state are hunkering down through today’s snowstorm. Roads in Providence are quiet; the normally busy streets of the capital city are dead save for the snow plows and few brave souls driving. Inches are accumulating faster than can be plowed.

Even fewer are stepping out into the whipping winds and fast-sinking temperatures to shovel their walks and driveways. Earlier in the day thunder and lighting added to the mix, creating a hybrid weather event of sorts: 'thundersnow.'


Already state police have reported several minor crashes, due to the heavy snow, high winds, and low visibility. According to State Police, parts of interstate 95 were impassable.