Rhode Islanders React to Attack on Terrorists

Rhode Islanders are reacting with mixed emotions to the beginning of military action against the perpetrators of last month?s terrorist attacks.

While some posted signs of support on highway bridges or in stores windows yesterday while about 40 protesters gathered in front of the Federal Courthouse in Providence.

?The U.S. has no concept that there are reasons behind this and we have to explore those reasons and push for peace all over the world as opposed to making Afghanistan more of a breeding ground for fundamentalists who are pissed at our government,? one man said.

But a woman said: ?If they have nerve enough to come over here and have a suicide mission and kill all those innocent people, we have the right to go over there and retaliate to them, and they are hiding him there so I think that?s what we should do.?

?You want some revenge, but there?s nothing out there for them to bomb, they?re just bombing tents and mountains,? said another man. ?I'm not exactly sure if this is going to work.?

Rallies in support of and opposed to the U.S. action in Afghanistan are planned across New England in the coming days.