In RI, 1 in 7 food insecure

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – One in every seven Rhode Islanders is food insecure and a record number are relying on food pantries to put food on the table. That, according to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank's annual report which will be released later today.

The number of people using food pantries for assistance has risen by 17,000 a month since the Recession began three years ago. Food bank CEO Andrew Schiff says the current pace of nearly 10 million pounds a year is unsustainable.

"With more and more people coming they're not going to be able to provide as much to each household and that is going to put the strain elsewhere on the system," Schiff says.

Schiff says government programs like school lunches and food stamps will have to be expanded to pick up the slack from maxed out charitable programs.

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