RI AG’s Office Ordered To Turn Over St. Joseph’s Pension Documents

Nov 30, 2017

A Superior Court judge has ordered the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office to turn over documents on the troubled St. Joseph’s pension plan.  

Judge Brian Stern gave the Attorney General’s Office until January 15 to comply with a subpoena for documents from the lawyers representing St. Joseph’s pension plan.

The pension plan’s special counsel, Max Wistow, said the documents from the attorney general’s office could reveal information about the hospital’s sale in 2014 that left the pension plan severely underfunded.

“ One of the things we’re trying to determine is whether anybody is potentially liable to the pensioners other than the pension plan itself,” Wistow said.

Assistant Attorney General Kathryn Enright said her office can’t produce any documents subpoenaed until the parties set some ground rules about protecting confidential information.