RI Black Heritage Society Holds Lecture on RI's African-American Culinary History

Feb 11, 2014

The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society is presenting a lecture this Saturday on the state’s African-American culinary traditions. It will be given by actor Robb Dimmick, who is best known for portraying Abraham Lincoln in reenactments across the country. President of the Rickman Group, Ray Rickman, says he hopes the lecture will bring awareness to African-American influence on Rhode Island cuisine.

"This is true of most history. It isn't well-known, and people need to learn for pride, for historic purposes, for interests, and in order to include. The next time someone does an exhibit on the history of food in Rhode Island, African-Americans will be included."

Much of the lecture will focus on the life of George T. Downing, a well-known African American caterer and businessman in Rhode Island. It will be held in the Old Brick School House on Meeting Street this Saturday at 10 a.m.