RI Board Of Education Tackles ACLU Petition

May 12, 2014

A public discussion over making test scores part of the high school graduation requirement will take place at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting.

It took a court order, but the Board of Education will hold a public vote on a petition over whether high school diplomas should be linked to test scores.  

Some 4,000 students failed to pass the NECAP last fall, many of them from urban schools. ACLU director Steve Brown said what’s now known about who failed the test should be an influence.

“How many kids it’s going to affect, the types of kids it’s affecting:  poor kids, English language learners, students with disabilities,” said Brown. “We know there’s a real impact and one that’s imminent for these students.”

State education officials defend the policy, that linking test scores to graduation increases the value of the diploma.

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