RI boasts low job fatality rate

PROVIDENCE, RI – Workers are less likely to be killed on the job in Rhode Island than practically anywhere in the country. That, according to a new report published by the AFL-CIO.

Only New Hampshire has a lower on-the-job fatality rate than Rhode Island, according to the AFL-CIO's "Death on the Job" study. Rhode Island's rate for worker fatalities is 1.4 per 100-thousand. That's less than half the national average.

George Nee, president of the Rhode Island AFL-CIO attributes the state's good safety record to its relatively high rate of unionized workers.

"The higher the workforce is unionized the more attention and the more workers have a voice in protecting their health and safety," says Nee.

Nee says roughly 20 percent of Rhode Island workers are members of unions, which makes it one of the top ten organized labor states in the country.

The highest on-the-job fatality rates were reported in Montana, Louisiana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska.

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