RI Children Are Healthier Overall, But Many Live In Poverty

Apr 8, 2013

Kids Count is out with its annual report on the health, education and safety of children in Rhode Island.

The report shows there are close to a quarter million children in the state. Nineteen percent live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level.

The good news, says Kids Count director Elizabeth Burke Bryant, is that they’re healthier than they once were.

"We are seeing real outcomes as a result of our investments in children’s health," Burke Bryant says. "We’ve been on that issue almost 20 years now through the RIte Care program, and everything from our infant indicators of infant health all the way through the age of 18 we’re showing great progress."

Burke says she continues to have concerns about education. The high school graduation rate remains flat at 77 percent.  And test scores are highest in the fourth grade, but drop in the eighth and eleventh grades.