RI Communities Awarded Federal Grants For Composites Industry, New Firetruck

Jul 24, 2017

Rhode Island’s congressional delegation has announced some additional funding to help Rhode Island businesses and improve public safety.

West Warwick Fire Department is slated to receive an estimated $338,000 in federal funds to replace a 45-year old fire truck.

The funding comes from a firefighters’ assistance program, run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency-- FEMA.

The replacement pumper truck is supposed to help West Warwick firefighters respond to calls more efficiently and safely.

Another $125,000  in federal grant money from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, with a match from the Rhode Island Foundation, and an additional $25,000 from the Real Jobs Rhode Island program, is headed to the East Bay’s composites industry.

Composites make for light, durable materials used by industries ranging from wind energy to defense.

That part of the state is home to more than 45 of these companies that take different materials to engineer new ones, like reinforced plastics.

The funding is being distributed to the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association and Bristol in hopes to spur job growth.