RI compounding pharmacy reopens, scrutiny continues

Dec 26, 2012

PROVIDENCE, RI - Rhode Island health inspectors found that Bayview pharmacy had illegally distributed certain medications, failed to keep some records, and not properly maintained a sterile mixing area. A recent Health department order shows the pharmacy has been allowed to resume compounding as long as it follows procedures. But as public attention on compounding pharmacies continues, University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy dean Ronald Jordan says he hopes any new regulations won't squelch patient access to the drugs they need.

"We worry that excessive regulation or scrutiny of this practice can lead to a real damage for some patients that, without compounding, would be in very sad condition," said Jordan.

Jordan says he favors regular inspections and high standards. But he says a tight state budget has curtailed those inspections.

"There's essentially one person there," said Jordan. "When I graduated from school here in 1976 I think there were five or six inspectors in that department for pharmacy. So, the economic situation in the country and world and the state are certainly impacting the state's ability to do the oversight and control that it should do."

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues public hearings about compounding pharmacies and is considering stepping up federal regulation.

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