RI Congressional delegation reacts to gun law proposal

Jan 17, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) Rhode Island’s two congressmen are giving President Obama high marks for the sweeping gun control measures he proposed Wednesday. 

Congressman Jim Langevin, who nearly lost his life in a shooting accident when he was a teenager, gives President Obama an “A” for the package of gun safety measures he has proposed.  They include, but are not limited to, universal background checks for all gun sales, the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and capping ammunition magazines to a 10-round limit.

"I think it's outrageous that the speaker potentially won't bring a bill to the floor" Congressman Langevin

But Langevin worries that the Republican controlled House of Representatives may not allow a vote on the bills.
"I think it’s outrageous that the speaker potentially won’t bring a bill to the floor so I’m hoping there’ll be a change of heart and change of course and we’re going to try to put the pressure on the Republican leadership to bring a responsible bill to help end gun violence in our communities to the floor."

Congressman Jim Langevin
Credit Ian Donnis

Langevin believes the political will exists to get the package passed – provided House Republican leaders let it get to a vote.

"I hope the tragedy at Sandy Hook is going to be enough to make people understand that we've got to do something about this" Congressman Cicilline

"I believe that there is overwhelming support on the issue of background checks, reinstating the assault weapons ban and most especially on limiting the extended run clips to only ten rounds. I think that if we get a vote on the floor you’ll see bipartisan support on this very important issue. We have to do more to keep people safe in our communities especially when it comes to keeping our children safe."

Congressman David Cicilline issued a statement saying the President’s proposals will ensure the safety of the nation’s children, adding that it’s critical we act now.  Cicilline said the president demonstrated “decisive leadership” in developing the gun control package.

Cicilline said the proposals will go a long way to ensuring people’s safety.
"You know this time is different. And I hope the tragedy at Sandy Hook is going to be enough to make people understand that we’ve got to do something about this. These are common sense, pragmatic, reasonable gun safety proposals and I really do believe that we’re going to do something and I think that even those who have historically resisted this will ultimately be persuaded that it’s the right thing to do."

The two congressmen disagree on the likelihood of the gun control legislation making it to a floor vote in the House. Langevin is much more pessimistic than his junior colleague.

Congressman David Cicilline
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