RI congressmen react to Bin Laden death

PROVIDENCE, RI – Both Senator Reed and Congressman Langevin watched as President Barack Obama announced that US Special Forces had killed Osama bin Laden. The two serve on Armed Forces committees. And Reed credits the intelligence community for the successful military operation.

"It is an extraordinary achievement," says Reed. "This represents the kinda of very careful but very deliberate long term effort that's necessary"

Meanwhile, Congressman Jim Lan-ja-vin says he hopes the military victory will be a moral booster for the country.

"Well certainly, the psychological victory here and the after affect are that we have finally seen justice brought to the architect of the 911 attacks, the architect of the global terrorist movement," says Langevin. "We have finally cut off the head of the snake, if you will."

However, both say threat of terrorism remains a concern for the nation. But they add this is one day where we can hail the combined accomplishments of those serving in the armed forces.