RI Conservatives Slam ‘Progressive Values Pledge’

Dec 13, 2017

A pledge sheet asking legislative candidates to support a series of progressive issues is making waves ahead of Rhode Island’s 2018 election season.  

The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats distributed what they call the 2017 Progressive Values Pledge. It asks whether candidates support issues like LGBTQ rights, reducing income inequality and protecting access to abortions. Secretary of the Progressive Democrats Nate Carpenter says the group wants to draw the line against conservative Democrats on Smith Hill.

“We wanted to make our own checklist and kind of sort out the people that are Democrats in name only and people that are progressive Democrats, or true Democrats in my mind,” Carpenter said.

The Progressive Democrats plan to keep their pledge results confidential while using them to make legislative endorsements. On Twitter, conservatives reacted negatively to the questions on the pledge sheet, with some dubbing the pledge a radical agenda.