RI delegation applauds Obama's inaugural address

Jan 21, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) Rhode Island’s congressional delegation is giving the president’s inaugural address a big thumbs up. The address touched on same-sex marriage, the environment and the need for cooperation.

Congressman Jim Langevin says it was a thrill to be looking on as the president took his oath of office. He calls the address “outstanding.”

“One of my favorite lines was: ‘progress does not compel us to settle centuries-long debates about the role of government for all time, but does require us to act in our time,’” says Langevin. “I thought that was really meaningful and I hope that people take it to heart and we do exactly that.”

Congressman David Cicilline says the president gave a strong address focused on coming together as a country. He says he liked that the president kept bringing the address back to the values of equality, justice and opportunity. He says there was a feeling among his colleges in the House that politics were pushed aside to celebrate as one nation.

“And this is an opportunity for new beginnings in many ways,” says Cicilline. “And I hope that we will take the spirit that was articulated in the president’s speech today and everyone recommits themselves to finding a way to find common ground and work together on behalf of the American people.”

Cicilline was on the stands behind the president. It was his first inauguration as a congressman, and he says it was a privilege to be able to watch the president take the oath of office.

Senator Jack Reed calls the president’s address sincere, compelling and a powerful reminder of what brings us together as a country. The president made history in his inaugural address by mentioning gay rights.  Reed says the issue is a national one.

“So I think it’s a recognition of the world we live in, and also I think he underscored from the very beginning a theme that this is about a country who has taken a long journey towards equality and that journey continues,” says Reed.

Reed says he hopes the president’s message of cooperation linger when congress returns to the U.S. Capitol.

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