RI Delegation Slams Trump’s Unscripted Remarks On Charlottesville

Aug 16, 2017

Rhode Island's congressional delegation was critical of President Donald Trump Tuesday, after Trump's unscripted remarks defending his initial statement that there were hatred and violence "on many sides" in Charlottesville and after the president referred to some "very fine people" in the group of white supremacists. 

“Instead of flatly condemning these monsters of the past, the President equivocated and blows dog whistles to the bigots of the alt-right,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in a statement.

Sen. Reed said it was time for Trump to "stop excusing white supremacists" and start working to bring Americans together to fight racism and intolerance.

According to Rep. Jim Langevin, the violence in Charlottesville is not a partisan issue, but one of basic human rights.

“Our country’s leaders must condemn racism and violence in the strongest possible terms, and the President is abdicating his moral responsibility by doing otherwise,” Langevin said.

In a statement, Rep. David Cicilline said the president is creating unnecessary controversy and distractions from lawmakers’ work.

“Defending Nazis doesn’t create jobs or raise wages or make America great again,” Cicilline said.