RI DEM Partnering With URI To Start Fisheries Institute

May 12, 2014

A newly created fisheries institute in Rhode Island will develop and take on new innovative and practical research projects. The institute is partnership between the Department of Environmental Management and the University of Rhode Island.

The Marine Fisheries Institute will hold regular meetings to bring together scientists from the DEM and URI and members of the fishing industry. Anyone can raise awareness about a fisheries problem and brainstorm solutions together at these meetings, said DEM scientist Jason McNamee. The institute’s goal is to combine the state’s assets.

“This has been the incentive behind developing this [institute]. So you’ve got those increasing complexity, budgets that are being constrained, so we have to figure out a smarter more efficient way to work with the resources we have available to us," said McNamee.

In coming together through this new institute, McNamee says they’ll provide timely information and guidance to better protect, conserve, and manage the state’s marine fisheries.

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