RI dispensaries encouraged by New Jersey gov

Providence, RI – By MEGAN HALL
Medical marijuana advocates in Rhode Island are cheering New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to allow the states marijuana dispensaries to move forward. They're hoping Governor Lincoln Chafee does the same thing.

How do Rhode Island's stalled compassion centers feel about Governor Christie's decision?

"I was actually surprised," says Seth Bock with the yet to open Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center.

"It was a surprising announcement," agrees Chris Reilly with the proposed Thomas Slater Compassion Center.

Why the surprise? As a former U.S. Attorney and an opponent of New Jersey's medical marijuana law, Christie was an unlikely champion of the dispensaries. That has people like Reilly feeling optimistic.

"The activity in New Jersey has given us a renewed sense of hope that our Governor will follow suit," he says.

Governor Chafee put a hold on the state's compassion centers following threats of prosecution from the federal government. His office says he's waiting for legal council before he responds to Christie's announcement.

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View New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's announcement here

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