RI Educators Take A Close Look At Ocean Engineering

Aug 18, 2015

Scientists from the University of Rhode Island are hosting eight local teachers aboard a research vessel owned by the National Science Foundation. The teachers are getting a first-hand look at the scientific process.

Coventry Middle School teacher Jennifer Pietros has been observing oceanographers on board R/V Endeavor as they test out new data-gathering equipment they’ve built from scratch.  Her biggest surprise so far? One of the crew members is a former student.

“He was one of my students my first year teaching in Coventry. He walked up to me and said, ‘Mrs. Pietros?!’ And I can’t believe it,” she said. “I’m very proud of him. He’s an assistant engineer now on the boat.”

Pietros said she will take what she learns on the boat and report back to her students how ocean engineers test out new equipment at sea.

Alyssa Wood from Sophia Academy in Providence said her students also conduct investigations as part of the science curriculum.

“I’m excited to see that at play here on the boat, and seeing what the errors were, what were the things that were surprising, what went wrong, maybe what they can fix and try again,” said Wood.

The teachers will assist with trial runs and learn about collecting data. They’re about 80 miles offshore in the Atlantic Continental Shelf.

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