RI feels for Brazil nightclub fire victims

Jan 28, 2013

It sounds like there are some similarities between a deadly nightclub fire in Brazil over the weekend and our own Station Nightclub fire.  

The cause of a Brazil nightclub fire that killed more than 200 people Sunday remains under investigation but authorities told local reporters that fireworks – perhaps shot off by the band – set it off by igniting the roof.

That sounds very much like what happened nearly ten years ago in Rhode Island when the band Great White set off pyrotechnics in a crowded roadhouse called “The Station.” One hundred people were killed and twice as many injured.  

Robin Petrarca, survivor of Station Nightclub fire
Credit Flo Jonic

Robin Petrarca, one of the survivors, says it’s time for the operators of public venues to get the message that fireworks don’t belong indoors.
"No question about it. They should never use them indoors. You know outdoors is another thing. I mean you look back even through music history .. look at something as high tech as when they did that Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial years ago. I mean I’m sure they had the most skilled pyrotechnics people there but he still managed to get burned."
Rhode Island will observe the tenth anniversary of the Station nightclub fire February 20th.

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