RI GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Trade Barbs

Aug 18, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidates Ken Block and Allan Fung traded barbs Monday about which of them is the best choice for governor.  It happened at new conference Block held near Cranston City Hall.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Block held a press conference at a Cranston diner.
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

Block held his press conference inside a Cranston diner, about a block from City Hall, as a reminder of how Fung taped a jobs-related campaign ad in an Ohio diner. He criticized Fung for raising taxes early in his administration, and Block also rapped Fung for his oversight of Cranston’s police department.

“This is not a Cranston success story,” said Block. “This is not effective leadership. This is not changing the old way of doing business. This is the old way of doing business.”

About 10 Fung supporters gathered outsider the diner encouraged passing cars to toot their horns in support of the Cranston mayor. Fung spokesman Rob Coupe was among them.

Supporters for GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung rally outside rival Ken Block's event at a Cranston diner.
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

“Mayor Fung turned around the city of Cranston, he restored the economy – he brought a thousand jobs to Cranston,” said Coup, “he’s held the line on taxes, and these people are out here to show that Mayor Fung has strong support because of his record of reform in Cranston.”

In related news, Fung’s campaign criticized how a Block supporter used Facebook to compare some Fung supporters to Nazis. Block, who is Jewish, responded by saying it is wrong for Fung to lecture him about the Holocaust.