The RI GOP has a cohort of Ron Paul supporters

Sep 22, 2012

Who knew? There’s a bigger-than-expected element of Ron Paul supporters among current GOP candidates in Rhode Island.

I found that out from Providence Republican activist Dave Talan’s informative e-newsletter:

Many of us were impressed by the strong organization put together by R.I. Ron Paul supporters during the Presidential primary, which resulted in them winning a quarter of the R.I. Delegates to the GOP national convention.  The R.I. GOP has welcomed them to remain involved with our Party.  And at least 11 of them are now running for local office (State Legislature, or City or Town Council), many of them for the first time.  These 11 activists are:

MIKE DONAHUE  -  House 68  (Bristol & Warren)
CHRIS CHIRINO  -  House 11  (Providence)
DAVID BIBEAULT  -  House 53  (Smithfield, Glocester)
SEN. NICK KETTLE  -  Senate 21  (Coventry, Foster, Scituate)
MIKE ROLLINS  -  Senate 4  (North Providence, Providence)
RUSS HRYZAN  -  Senate 6  (Providence)
ROBERT MATTEO  -  Johnston Town Council Ward 4
ANDREW McNULTY  -  South Kingstown Town Council
CATHARINE MARIE LEACH  -  Warwick City Council Ward 6
GARY TROTT  -  West Warwick Town Council Ward 2
ALICE LOSASSO  -  West Warwick Town Council Ward 3

So, does this speak to an independent-minded streak among these Republicans, or is it another wrinkle for a party long riven by conservative and moderate factions?