RI Hospital receives $300,000 fine

Providence, RI – By MEGAN HALL
Rhode Island Hospital is in trouble with the Department of Health again. The medical center must pay a three hundred thousand dollar fine for leaving a tiny piece of a drill bit inside a patient's scalp.

The Department of Health says its investigation into the incident showed that Rhode Island Hospital is not actively guaranteeing that operating room staff follow hospital procedures.

Surgeons are supposed to x-ray patients before they leave the operating room if any surgical tools or devices are missing. Instead, the drill piece that fell off during surgery was discovered later when the patient had a diagnostic imaging test.

In a written statement, the director of the Department of Health Dr. David Gifford says, "There is a troubling pattern of disregard for established policies that are designed to protect patient safety and prevent medical errors in Rhode Island Hospital's operating rooms."

Gifford gave Rhode Island hospital a $150,000 fine last year when surgeons operated on the wrong finger of a patient

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