RI Hospital surgeons left forceps inside patient

Providence, RI – On the same day that Rhode Island Hospital received a $300,000 fine for leaving an object inside a surgery patient, officials at the medical center say there was also another incident.

The hospital wouldn't comment on what happened, but according to Annemarie Beardsworth with the Department of Health, a patient discovered something was wrong when they had a diagnostic imaging test this month.

"That medical imaging revealed that there was an object in the patient's abdomen," Beardsworth says. "Abdominal x-rays confirmed that there was a retained foreign object, which at this point appears to be a pair of forceps.

The patient had received surgery at Rhode Island Hospital in July and is scheduled to have the forceps removed soon.

Hospital officials say their safety policies are rigorous, but in this case they didn't follow their own rules, and they need to find out why.

Rhode Island Hospital received the $300,000 fine from the department of health for leaving a piece of a drill bit inside a patient in August. The Health Department is still investigating the forceps incident.

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