RI House Speaker Plans New Effort To Avoid Future Budget Stalemates

Aug 8, 2017

In the aftermath of a month-long budget dispute, a top Rhode Island legislative leader says the state needs a new approach to avoid future stalemates.

House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello says he isn’t ready to share details. But he says he plans to unveil a new effort to try to head off delays like the one that marked this year’s budget process.

“We’ll work on creating systems that this never happens again,” Mattiello said. “That’s the ultimate goal, and the Senate president and I have a very good if not great working relationship. This is a hiccup that I hope never happens again. “

Head of the good government group Common Cause of Rhode Island John Marion says he’s encouraged by Mattiello’s message. Marion says that’s because the speaker has a track record of following through on his promises.

Marion says conference committees that include members of the House and Senate could improve the budget process. The idea is that both chambers would work out differences before bills come to a vote.