RI launches expanded online public database

Jan 10, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) Gov. Lincoln Chafee unveiled what’s called a “transparency portal” allowing anyone to log on and access some state records. The governor signed an executive order launching the website Thursday morning.

The governor’s office says it’s bombarded with requests for copies of contracts and other public information. So his office built, and now launched, an online searchable database that can pull up contracts, expenditures, and performance measures such as school test results and waiting times at the DMV. Chafee says without the website, fulfilling records request is labor intensive.

Gov. Chafee launches RI's Transparency Portal
Credit Catherine Welch

“Just go online, make it easier, save taxpayer dollars by having these state employees having to shuffle through the bureaucracy to answer these requests,” says Chafee. “That’s what we should be doing, making it easy and saving money.”

The online database will be updated in phases, including contracts with quasi-public agencies such as the Economic Development Corporation, and public information from the legislative and judicial branches.

Search for Open Records

You can search the Rhode Island Transparency Portal at www. transparency.ri. gov

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