RI lawmaker raises questions about receivership in Central Falls

Providence, R.I. – The state senator who represents Central Falls is calling for greater accountability from the receiver who's managing the city. The mayor and city council were sidelined last month when a $5 million deficit forced the city into receivership, a type of bankruptcy.

State Sen. Elizabeth Crowley says she has no issue with retired Judge Mark Pfeiffer, the appointed receiver of Central Falls. But she wants him to communicate better with city residents who ultimately pay the bills.

"The people of the city don't know what's happening and they want to be kept apprised," she said. "After all, would you pay your bills if you didn't know what you were paying for?"

Specifically, Crowley is demanding a report on how Pfeiffer plans to return Central Falls to solvency as well as a series of public hearings. She also wants elected officials to be included in the decision making process. Pfeiffer did not return a call for comment.