RI Lawmakers Again Consider Calamari As Official State Appetizer

Jun 11, 2014

A House committee is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a bill that would make calamari the official state appetizer. If this sounds familiar it’s because last year similar legislation grabbed headlines then died in the General Assembly.

The whole thing started when Rep. Joseph McNamara spotted “Rhode Island calamari” on the menu at a fancy restaurant in New Hampshire.  To his thinking, if calamari became the official appetizer then that just might put the state’s name on menus across the country.

McNamara’s bill passed the house,  then died in the senate.  “Well I think it got caught up in the last few minutes of the session. We just ran out of time. It was July 3rd, members were starting to leave, it was late at night, and the appetizer got left on the table,” said McNamara.

McNamara said having a companion bill in the senate this year gives calamari a better shot of becoming the state’s official appetizer.

The bill notes that Rhode Island has the largest squid fleet on the East Coast.

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