RI Leaders Slam President Trump’s Commission On Election Integrity

May 12, 2017

Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea and U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse are pushing back on a new Executive Order signed by President Donald Trump on Thursday. The order creates the bipartisan Commission on Election Integrity, which aims to look into fraudulent voting practices. Vice President Mike Pence will lead the panel.

Gorbea described the commission as “another attempt to revive a series of unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud.”

Meanwhile, Whitehouse questioned the administration’s intent to protect American elections following the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.

“Real threats come from foreign meddling, attacks on the Voting Rights Act, and from efforts to suppress voting in minority and low-income communities,” said Whitehouse.

President Trump has received bipartisan criticism for firing Comey who was investigating claims of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.