RI observes Memorial Day

Providence, RI – By MEGAN HALL
Cities and towns across Rhode Island observed Memorial Day on Monday. WRNI's Megan Hall took a visit to the festivities in North Providence.

Flat bed trucks decorated with balloons and banners, roaring motor cycles, and a fleet of brightly colored convertibles crowded the parking lot at North Providence High school as the town prepared for its Memorial Day parade.

Armand Briere is a Vietnam veteran and the parade's Grand Marshall. He says Rhode islanders shouldn't forget the true meaning of Memorial Day.

"It's just not barbeques and having a few beers, telling war stories," he says. " It's remembering our deceased, the guys who didn't come home."

Today Briere is remembering a lot of his war buddies that didn't come back. He knows he was one of the lucky ones to return home. It's what keeps him following the veteran of foreign wars motto- honor the dead by helping the living.

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