RI Public Utilities Commission Will Take Another Look At Limo Charge

Nov 19, 2013

The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission said it will consider a new minimum limousine charge, after four limousine companies sued over a $40 minimum charge.

The $40 minimum charge for a limousine ride was supposed to go into effect November 11th. But the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission agreed to suspend enforcement after four limousine companies sued.

Now, the PUC said it will hold hearings to come up with an alternate minimum charge.  Attorney Michael Horan, who represents the limousine companies, had this reaction. “Well obviously my clients are very happy about that. They had the threat of this $40 minimum fee regardless of distance being imposed forthwith,” said Horan. “And this was going to seriously adversely affect their business and their operation.”

Horan said he is confident the two sides can come up with a minimum charge everyone can live with.

The minimum charge drew widespread attention after Uber, a San Francisco-based tech company that connects passengers and drivers through an app said the regulation threatened its business.

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