RI releasing last $850,000 in lead paint money

Providence, RI – Rhode Island is doling out $850,000 in grants to help residents avoid lead paint poisoning. It's the last round of money from a multimillion dollar settlement with Dupont.

So far, the more than nine million dollars from Dupont has paid for the remediation of 370 Rhode Island homes, with a total of 600 to be completed by the end of next year. This last round of grants will pay for legal support, law enforcement, and data collection related to lead poisoning laws.

Attorney General Patrick Lynch says when the funds run out, Rhode Island will have to use its own money to pay for lead clean up. "I believe, I firmly believe the state needs to make a commitment to it and it's going to be difficult, Lynch says."

Dupont agreed to give Rhode Island the money after the Ocean State dropped the company from its lawsuit against the paint industry. Lower courts found the paint companies financially responsible for Rhode Island's lead paint clean up, but the State Supreme Court overturned the verdict.

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