RI Republicans unveil new challenge to Democrats

Providence, R.I. – State Republican Chairman Giovanni Cicione yesterday unveiled a new effort to challenge the dominance of General Assembly Democrats.

Looking to brand themselves, Republicans rolled out what they're calling "Rhode Island Clean Slate." It's meant to supplement the individual efforts of about 100 Republican and independent legislative candidates. Related bus ads and radio spots are set to start this week.

Cicione says "Clean Slate" candidates support eliminating the car tax, lowering property taxes, and giving parents more options for better schools.

"When the voters see the Clean Slate brand, they will know a candidate stands with them for that transformational change," he said. "They will know that the Clean Slate team has a plan to restore vitality and hope to Rhode Island."

Cicione says the GOP hopes to raise $200,000 for "Clean Slate," but it isn't meant to bankroll individual candidates. As it stands, Republicans hold just 10 of 113 legislative seats.