RI Senate Votes to Hike Minimum Wage to $8

May 22, 2013

The Rhode Island Senate has approved legislation that hikes the state’s minimum wage to $8 an hour.

When Rhode Island’s minimum wage jumped from to $7.40 to $7.75 on January 1st, it was the first raise the state had given minimum wage workers in five years. Now lawmakers are looking at bumping it up again to $8 an hour.

Lawmakers are looking to raise Rhode Island's minimum wage to $8 an hour.

That would match Massachusetts’ minimum wage but come under Vermont’s at $8.60 an hour.

Sen. Erin Lynch, a democrat from Warwick, calls the higher minimum wage a “fair wage.” Business groups say raising the minimum wage forces businesses owners to refrain from hiring.

The House is considering similar legislation.

If signed into law, the new minimum wage would kick in on January 1st.

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