RI seniors anxious about not getting Social Security check

PROVIDENCE, RI – In reaction to President Obama's statement that Social Security and veteran's checks may not go out next month, Rhode Island seniors say they are worried that they may not get their checks.

At a North Providence senior center, the threat of a cut-off in social security benefits starting August 3rd had people like Thelma Visnewski wondering how they would pay their rent.

"If I didn't have Social Security I wouldn't be living," says Visnewski. "My son helps me out along with Social Security and if I didn't have that I would be depending more on other people. That's not fair."

Eighty-eight year old Irene Montville says she will blame Congress - not the President - if debt ceiling talks fail and the government hits its borrowing limit.

"The government owes us. They owe us. That money was never supposed to be touched and Congress and the Senators," says Montville. "They're the ones who are causing all the problems because they're thinking of the rich."

But other seniors - mindful of their power as a voting bloc - say they doubt very much politicians will dare to cut off their financial lifeline.

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