In RI, Some Trump Supporters Hesitate To Talk Politics Publicly

Aug 18, 2017

Democrats and some Republicans criticized President Donald Trump this week, over his response to the events in Charlottesville, but some Trump voters say they still support their president. 

At the Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop in Johnston, a town that swung to Trump in the presidential election, few people wanted to weigh in on politics.

A couple of patrons said they never supported Trump, while others said their support is waning. Still, others remain steadfast.

Three friends chatting over coffee said the media has been unfair to Trump. They didn’t want to give their names or be recorded because these voters worry they will be shamed by people who don’t share their views. The group said it was understandable that conservatives in the coffee shop, and across the state, would be reluctant to discuss politics. In the current climate, they said, they risk being labeled as racist or intolerant.

One woman commented that there’s no constructive dialogue, just people talking over one another. She said she’s just trying to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Another woman said she finds it hard to tell how the president is doing on issues like trade. She feels everything he does and says is “torn apart” by the press and other politicians.

Several people faulted slanted media coverage for distracting Republicans from their legislative agenda.

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