RI Students Arrested for Drug-Laced Candy

Apr 8, 2014

Police say they have made several arrests after a Richmond teenager required medical attention from consuming marijuana-laced candy. One 14-year-old was charged with drug crimes in connection with the incident while another was caught with drug-laced candy and prescription pills. A Chariho High School student was arrested for drug crimes on Monday.

Richmond Police Chief Elwood Johnson said the candy could have contained more than just THC.

"This is clearly a homemade substance, and it could have been extract from a marijuana grow. But right now, the substance is being tested at the Rhode Island Department of Health and we're waiting for the results to come back as to what the actual contents were," said Elwood. "And there were traces that tested positive as methamphetamine."

The Chariho Regional School District announced the arrests on Monday. They will be offering drug abuse education and counseling to both students and parents.

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