RI Trying To Determine What Happened To SSI Checks

Dec 3, 2013

The state Department of Human Resources is trying to figure out why some 8,200 Rhode Islanders didn’t receive their state supplemental insurance payment as scheduled Monday. Officials suspect a problem with the banking transaction.

Every month some 32,000 Rhode Islanders receive a supplemental insurance payment. Typically, the recipients are disabled or elderly who didn’t work long enough to qualify for Social Security.  The state supplements the federal payments to the tune of about $40 a month. But on Monday, about 25 percent of the recipients didn’t receive the state portion.

Frederick Sneesby, a spokesman for the Department of Human Resources, says the problem seems to be with people who use an electronic direct deposit card.

“We think that the problem lies in that money didn’t get transacted into those cards by the company that normally does that,” said Sneesby.

Federal SSI payments were not affected by the snafu. The state is in touch with the federal Treasury and other agencies to identify the source of the problem and make sure it is corrected as soon as possible.

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