RI Turnpike & Bridge Authority: Flexible Dividers To Be Placed Down Center of Pell Bridge

Jan 16, 2014

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority says it will install a divider down the center of the Pell Bridge.

Calls for a median along the Pell Bridge have grown louder since a deadly head-on collision on Christmas Eve.

However, the divider will not be a solid median.  The authority says it will install roughly five hundred reflective yellow posts each about four feet tall along the center of the bridge.

Turnpike and Bridge Authority director David Darlington, said the posts will go up in the next two weeks.

“The purpose of this is to alert drivers of the center line of the bridge, so they’re aware of where exactly the center line of the bridge is, and allow them to move themselves back into the lane.  It will not stop somebody from crossing into the other lane.”

Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority director David Darlington unveiling plans for a divider along the Pell Bridge.
Credit John Bender / RIPR

Darlington said a solid median in not off the table, and a study examining one will be completed in coming months.

Calls for a median dividing the bridge grew louder in recent years following two deadly head-on collisions.

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