RI unemployment dips to 12.5 percent

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Island's unemployment rate declined fractionally in April for the second straight month.
The unemployment rate now stands at 12.5 percent, down one tenth of a percent from March. The number of unemployed Rhode Islanders fell by 400 in April to a total of just over 72,000.
"I'm not surprised," says University of Rhode Island business professor Edward Mazze, who adds the jobless rate is in line with economic projections.
"I believe Rhode Island is very slowly moving out of the recession and that during this time of year you're going to see a small uptick in hiring," Mazze said.
While the number of unemployed declined, the number of Rhode Islanders with jobs rose for a fourth straight month. Those out of work due to the March 30 floods are not included in the jobless rate because they're not out of work permanently.