RI Women Who Can’t Skip Work Find Other Ways To Participate In The “Day Without A Woman” March

Mar 8, 2017

Demonstrators in Providence for Women's March on Washington.
Credit Barbara Quill

Protesting Trump administration policies, women across the country are going on strike Wednesday, but not everyone who wants to can afford to take the day off. In Rhode Island, women are not letting their work schedules stop them from participating. 

Some women plan on voicing their opinions later in the day.

It is unclear whether Wednesday’s “Day Without a Woman” march will be as successful as the Women’s March on Washington. Some school districts in the U.S. already announced closures because of minimized staff.

In Providence, the municipal court announced it would close because of high staff participation. Mayor Jorge Elorza said he supports women taking the day off, but participants will have to use their personal time off.

Jordan Hevenor is a self-employed woman in South County. She says not everyone has paid time off or understanding bosses so her organization, the Woman Project, created the Dinner March.

The Dinner March is part of the larger national women’s strike but will start at 5 p.m. and ends with a community dinner.

“I wanted to pick a time that wasn’t going to cause people a significant amount of hardship but was still going to create a visual spectacle for people to understand there was a significant number of people showing up,” said Hevenor.

Hevenor says she knows many women who want to get involved in the new political climate but have complicated work schedules and can’t always make it to State House events.

“You can be active anywhere you are, and you can make a difference,” explained Hevenor.

Hevenor says South County may not come to mind when you think of grassroots movements, but she sees growing support.

Wednesday’s march organizers ask women to wear red and avoid purchases unless they’re from women and minority owned businesses.  

The movement coincides with the United Nation’s observance of International Women’s Day.