Riley launches sharp broadcast attack against Langevin

Sep 18, 2012

Michael Riley, the GOP candidate in the Second Congressional District, isn’t wasting time in going after Democrat Jim Langevin. Riley’s campaign says it has launched a six-figure buy on TV and radio, including the TV commercial above.

Here’s some of the commentary from Riley’s news release:

The ads are titled “The 20-Million Dollar Congressman” and highlight Congressman Langevin’s dismal record, especially when it comes to Rhode Island’s desperate need for economic development.  Congressman Langevin has received almost two million dollars in salary during his tenure in Congress. He has raised more than six million dollars for his political campaigns including millions of dollars from political action committee special interests.  And what the Riley Campaign finds most egregious is the more than 11 million dollars of taxpayers money that Congressman Langevin has used to run his offices while not sponsoring and passing one piece of legislation to help Rhode Island’s struggling economy!

During a recent WJAR-TV debate, Langevin pointed to his support for the building of Virginia-class submarines at Electric Boat as an example of his efforts to promote job grown. (I have a call in with Langevin’s campaign manager, Seth Klaiman, and will expand this post when I hear back from him.)

In his news release, Riley says his campaign plans “a thorough discussion of Mr. Langevin’s voting record.”

The Republican criticizes Langevin for opposing the Keystone pipeline and “a Bill that would have opened 29 lease sales on offshore drilling locations.”

As we’ve noted before, Riley’s deep pockets make him a potentially mores serious challenger than the opponents Langevin has faced since winning his congressional seat in 2000.