RIPTA approves proposal to avoid service cuts

PROVIDENCE, RI – RIPTA board member Margaret Holland McDuff says public outcry played a huge role in making sure services weren't part of the public transit system's budget cuts. McDuff says the RIPTA board voted to spare service cuts--although the time between bus arrivals will increase.

RIPTA had been looking at cutting night service after 10 pm or eliminating dozens of routes as a way to close a nearly $5 million budget shortfall. But McDuff says rider protests to those cuts were heard loud and clear.

"The riders are the key and should be at center of the work that we do every day, and I'd like to see their role grow," says McDuff.

McDuff says the board passed a proposal that includes nearly $1 million in personnel cuts. She says the proposal still leaves RIPTA $1.9 million in the hole. She says the RIPTA board will ask lawmakers for supplemental funding.

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