RIPTA seeks input on changes to bus service

Feb 18, 2013

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority is considering changes to its bus service and wants the public to weigh in. The transit authority is considering two alternatives to how it’s running now.

RIPTA is seeking input on two alternatives to its current service.
Credit File / RIPR

RIPTA marketing director Amy Pettine says the changes won’t add costs to running the transit system, but could expand service in some much-needed parts of the state. She says this includes a new route proposed for Woonsocket and better coordination with commuter rail.

“We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the public about the desire to increase connections to the commuter rail stations,” says Pettine, “so you’ll some proposals for not only connecting to not only the Interlink (transportation hub) in Warwick and Wickford Junction but also the South Attleboro station.”

RIPTA is also considering the creation of a Rapid-line that would make its two most popular bus routes feel more like commuter rail. Pettine says Rout 11 Broad Street and Route 99 from Kennedy Plaza to downtown Pawtucket on N. Main are RIPTA’s highest performers, and the goal is to make them even more rider-friendly.

“So having it be really reliable, really user friendly, service very frequently, it would be serviced every ten minutes,” Pettine says, “it would be serviced seven days a week early morning to late evening.”

RIPTA will also be holding community meetings focused on the two scenarios. The transit authority seeks input from both riders and non-riders, and comments to proposed changes can be made here.

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