RIRRC: Keep Plastic Bags Out Of Recycling Bins

Apr 28, 2014

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) wants to remind people to keep plastic bags out of recycling bins. 

The RIRRC reports that workers at the Central Landfill’s Materials Recycling Facility have to spend an hour during every shift to clean out plastic bags and other twisted trash in the recycling equipment.

 The RIRRC wants to remind people that stores across the state have special bins to recycle plastic bags.

Some of those stores include CVS, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, and Stop & Shop. The bins are meant to collect a range of plastic bags, including shopping bags, bubble wrap, dry cleaner bags, plastic encasing around paper towels and toilet paper, bread and bagel bags, bags of rice or dried beans, cereal box inserts, newspaper delivery bags, and shrink wrap from the cases of plastic water bottles purchased in bulk, as long as the bags are all clean and dry.  Clingy food wrap is the exception -- that goes in the trash.

Putting these plastic bags in the special bins prevents expensive shut-downs of the sorting equipment at the recycling facility.